Model Railroad Solutions

  •                                 ZIMO Agency of North America

Model Railroad Solutions is the official ZIMO importer to the US and Canada.


- Rotary knob, ON/OFF switch, voltage adjustement, emergency stop, display, address selection, driving...
- Display: voltage/current, DCC, RailCom, Bus, USB/LAN monitor, AOS display, driving & switching...
- Buttons for software update & sound project loading, driving and switch control...
- USB host for decoder update and sound loading via USB stick as well as updating this device...
- CAN socket for ZIMO cabs (throttles) and other devices, in parallel with CAN socket on the back...

- Large screw terminal for power supply (not transformer) from 90W to 500W (24V to 30V)
- Middle size screw terminal for “Line 1” (main output, up to 12A)
- Small screw terminal for “Line 2” (programming & update track or branch line (up to 8A)
- Triple screw terminal for DC power (same voltage as on track) and ground
- 16 input or output pins for external “panic stop”, AOS and other functions
- Socket for other devices: Roco Lokmaus, Fred (Loconet), S88 bus, or external booster
- CAN socket for ZIMO devices with sync cable, boosters, track section modules...
- Etherent LAN socket (e.g. wireless router), USB client socket (PC),  ZigBee radio antenna